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 Two Employees of Finance & Management Accounting Unit have left to Dubai.
Date :22/12/2009

 Drug Free Workplace Awareness Program
Date :22/12/2009

 A group of four employees of Automobile Maintenance Services Unit leave to Colombo.
Date :21/12/2009

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New security rules for Liquids, Gels, Aerosols, Etc. in carry-on baggage.
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Maldives Airports Company got the CQE Century International Quality ERA Award which was held in Geneva on March 28th 2010.
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Auction Sale(Dhoani)
Issued Date: 01-September-2010
Due Date : 30-September-2010
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Passenger Services
MACL is known as one of the major keys to our country's economic wellbeing and to millions of individuals every year who travel for vacation and holiday. However, this only begins to describe the work we do. We employ around 1,000 people and we're also one of the leading airports in the region. With extensive plans for the improvement of all of our airports, we offer exciting career opportunities for talented people.
Health Care
A 24 hours health care center equipped with basic FIRST AID and minor health emergencies is available at the terminal building. The health care facilities is manned and operated by the Ministry of Health.

The Pharmacy at the airport operated by AMDC is just outside the First Aid Post or next to the Bank of Maldives Airport branch. The pharmacy opens during flight hours and provides most of the general medication available in the country. Payment can be made by cash.
Mother Care
We also care for expectant mothers and new born babies , who may require special attention and care. Our public relation officer at the information counter shall be glad to be of assistance in such emergencies.
Children's Recreation Park
Out Door Park
As we know airlines may from time to time be delayed, and even otherwise, one may spend a considerable time at an airport prior to their departure. It is during this time that our children's park is most useful to those parents traveling with children. Our out door children's park boasts a large play station and swings and other interesting items. We are proud to be talked about as a child friendly airport.
Children's Joy Park
Children’s Joy, is dedicated to the families that are traveling with their children, the new children’s play area located in the transit area will enable parents to leave their children in the care of our staff who take pleasure in entertaining and caring for your children.
Free Shower Room
While traveling from the hotels to the airport, it is likely that you may require to freshen up prior to departure. Our shower rooms situated next to the coffee shop " Mariyaad" will do just that for you.
Passenger Service Charge
A service charge, to be paid at the airport check-in counter, is required of all international passengers passing through departure terminal of Malé International Airport. International passengers should pay an amount of US$ 12 per person. Children under two years are exempt from the passenger service charge. If the Passenger Service Charge is incorporated into your ticket. No payment is required at the check-in counter. Passengers who purchased air ticket and not using it are advised to approach the airlines which issued the tickets for the refund of Passenger Service Charge.
A baggage trolley service is available in both the Departure and Arrival lounges of the International and Domestic passenger Terminal. No fees are charged.
Duty – Free shops
A complete range of Duty – Free goods such as cigarettes, liquor, perfumes, cosmetics, books and stationery, clothing, toys and electronics, confectionery, flowers and souvenirs are available at the Duty – Free shops located on the first floor to departing passengers after checking through the Immigration.
Souvenir Shops
Souvenir shops are conveniently located in the Departure and Transit lounges of the International Passenger Terminal and near the Bank of Maldives branch at Malé International Airport. Business hours are from 5am to 2am or till the last flight of the day. A wide variety of goods are sold at these shops, including silk, jewelry, souvenir items, confections, cigarettes and gift items.
Floral Boutique
To express your sentiments with colorful combination of exotic fragrance of flowers, just opposite to the post office there is a floral boutique with variety of fresh and long lasting artificial flowers arranged innovatively for your taste.
Post & Telegraph
The post office, located near the Departure Hall’s entrance, operates from 6am to1am or till the last flight of the day.
A Prayer Room is available on the first floor of the Departure Terminal. A fully air-conditioned 2 Mosques are located about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the Terminal Building to either side.
Telephone & Internet
International and local calls
Both local and IDD calls can be made from cash and credit card phones made available at the Terminal Building.
Email & Internet Facility
The local telecommunication company Dhiraagu makes e-mail and Internet facility to passengers and public available near the Terminal Building. DHIRAAGU AIRPORT CYBER CAFÉ is open to meet most flights. The café have 5 client stations with one outlet for laptop customers to come and connect. Airport Cyber Café has 64kbps leased line internet connectivity.
Passengers can exchange their foreign currencies at the Bank of Maldives, Airport Branch, at the exit of the Arrival Terminal.
The Maldivian Rufiyaa is the official currency of the Maldives. The current exchange rate is US$1 = MRF 12.85. One Rufiyaa could be divided into a hundred smaller units known as Laari, the local version of cents. The Rufiyaa comes in eight different denominations of Five Hundred, One Hundred, Fifty, Twenty, Ten, Five, Two and One. The denomination of One Rufiyaa comes in the forms of coins, while for Two Rufiyaa denominations both notes and coins are used and the rest comes in notes. The laari comes in denominations of fifty, twenty-five, ten, five, two and one..

The US Dollar is the most popular foreign currency. However, other international currencies can also be exchanged at the banks and authorised moneychangers. The commonly used credit cards are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and Eurocard. Travellers cheques are accepted by most hotels, resorts and banks.
Flight Information
Arrivals Departure
EY 278 14:30 LANDED
UL 115 14:35 LANDED
EY 7404 14:35 LANDED
EY 7159 14:35 LANDED
EK 652 15:05 LANDED
VP 610 16:00 LANDED
Q2 146 16:30 -
Q2 265 16:35 -
Q2 245 17:20 -
VP 646 18:00 -
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